Becoming College Ready

Why College?

College helps students learn more about their interests, themselves, and the world. It also gives them greater opportunities, such as more career options and possibly a higher paying job. Every student can go to college and should have the opportunity to go. Getting into a college is just the first step. College is a significant life change, and you can help make sure your child graduates from college.

College-Eligible vs. College-Ready


These students have everything the college requires, and they will be accepted into a program.


 These students will also be college-eligible. However, they will also have some skills that will help them succeed in the program and graduate on time.

Your Child is College-Ready If They Are:
• Responsible
• Organized
• Determined
• Flexible/Resilient
• A Critical Thinker
• Not afraid to ask questions
• Able to solve life problems or search for help when needed

In addition to those skills, college-ready students will likely meet some of the academic milestones in this chart:
To help your child become college-ready, your family might begin talking about college as early as possible. For example, you might have conversations as a family as to why you want your child to go to college and all of the great possibilities they can have with a degree. You could talk to your child about the value of a college degree and your expectation for him or her to continue education after high school. This helps create a college-bound identity early on.

College-Ready Timeline

It is never too early to consider your child’s education after high school! By knowing how to prepare for college at each stage of your child’s education, you can improve your child’s long-term academic success. Use the timeline below to help prepare your child for college at any age.

College Ready Timeline

College Ready Checklist

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