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Thank you for visiting! Our goal is to connect parents, educators, and community members with the latest information on how their local schools are performing. While we collect data on all Texas public and public charters schools, there are some exceptions and unique cases. Below are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions, as well as some tips for how best find schools you are searching for.

Where does your school information come from?

Why can't I find my school?


  • School Name issues
  • New School
  • Private School or Special Program

How are school grades decided?



Understanding school quality

Why is my school listed as N/A?

N/A means the school is currently not included in our annual school rankings and grades. There are a few reasons a school might not be rated.

What is a PEG School?

What is a Gold Ribbon School?


How do I search by School district or county?


What do I if my child's school is poorly rated?


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