2018-19 Texas Public School Rankings

Every year, CHILDREN AT RISK (C@R)  ranks and grades Texas public schools to help parents, educators, and community members understand how schools in their community are performing and spark dialogue on the quality of public education across Texas. The following rankings and the grades reflected on this site are based on student achievement data from the 2018-2019 school year.

Schools are assigned ranks and grades based on student achievement on standardized tests, student growth year-to-year, and how well schools support economically disadvantaged students. High Schools are also evaluated on how well they prepare students for college and career.  Looking for more information on how C@R ranks and grades schools? Visit our  METHODOLOGY PAGE for more detail.

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Texas School Ranking Lists

Our School Rankings data is available in multiple formats for your convenience. Print-friendly PDF list versions are available for download via the buttons below and on each regional page. Researchers & community members can also download all of our data in Excel format. Click HERE for a Zip File containing all of our 2018-19 Rankings Excel files.


For rankings from past years, comments, questions, or press inquiries please email SchoolRankings@childrenatrisk.org 

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