2018 School Rankings

For 13 years, CHILDREN AT RISK has ranked Texas schools to help parents, educators, and community members understand how their schools are performing and spark dialogue on the quality of public education across Texas.









CHILDREN AT RISK will release the top schools in each Texas region beginning with North Texas on May 16th, 2018 and ending with Houston Area on June 4th, 2018. A complete data set of all Texas rankings will be available on this page on June 6th. Rankings for over 7,000 schools will be available for public use via an interactive Tableau table on this page, and downloadable Excel format.

For rankings from past years, comments, questions, or press inquiries please email SchoolRankings@childrenatrisk.org 

Interested in how we calculate our school rankings and grades? Click here for an overview of our methodology. You can also find our full 2018 School Rankings Methodology report here.

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2018 Top Performing Schools by Major Region




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