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We are in the process of expanding Texas School Guide statewide and new information is coming soon!

Currently, Texas School Guide only includes information for the Dallas Independent School District, Fort Worth Independent School District and area charter schools, but this fall we will expand Texas School Guide statewide! You will be able to search for elementary, middle and high schools all across the state, and the new website will reflect data from our 2014 CHILDREN AT RISK School Rankings. If you’re interested in your school’s most current ranking right now, you can visit  our CHILDREN AT RISK website.


At CHILDREN AT RISK, we know that the public education system can be difficult to navigate. We have taken our annual Public School Rankings and transformed the data into a guiding tool for parents. Texas School Guide allows parents to gauge the true quality of their public school options by searching for schools based on location, grade level, program options, school type, and CHILDREN AT RISK letter grade. If you are unhappy with how your child’s school is performing, don’t forget to visit our Parent Action Guides to find out what steps you can take to ensure your child receive the best education possible.

Remember that none of this is possible without YOU – the parents! Please contact us if you want to participate in a parent workshop and learn more about the information in this guide. We also encourage everyone to submit a feedback form to let us know how we are doing.